Wilston Carpet Cleaning Services

Choosing carpet cleaning can be a little tricky because there are lot to choose from, but only very little manage to stand out and we are one those companies. It is very easy evident basing from the way we handle our clients especially when the cleaning process is already being done. Our technicians know exactly how they will handle the carpet depending on the type because they have been wall-trained. We got our license and certification to do an excellent job at cleaning your carpet and we can prove that offering a guarantee to return your money if you are not 100% satisfied with what you will see after the cleaning process. The efficiency of our company is very impressive because we make sure that our customers love our service and maintaining customer satisfaction is our main goal. You will not be filled with disappointment because we only use the best method and products.

Method and products

The method that we use is known as the hot water extraction and you can count on it to eradicate all of the unnecessary elements that are ‘living’ in your carpet. This is possible because portable mounted units are used to inject steam in the carpet’s base and it will instantly remove all of the harmful substances that regular vacuuming cannot get rid of. It is the very reason why carpet manufacturers recommend this method and it is known to restore the carpet’s condition like it is new. This can also aid in expanding the carpet’s lifespan because the carpet fibres will not shrink or have any damages.

We assure you that the solutions we use for cleaning will not harm the environment and it is very for people and animals. That’s how much we care which is why you need to choose us.

We are very flexible

Before anything else you need to set an appointment with us, but you will find it very easy to. We will make sure that we can accommodate you and arrive at your place on time because we don’t like to disappoint you. Our packages were made to cater to all customers and types of carpets because some might need a different level of cleaning compared to others.

What else do we do?

We take care of pet stains, odours, mattresses, and upholstery. We have a pest control management service to get all the unwanted visitors around. If your area has been flooded, you can depend on our flood water extraction service that is available 24 hours every day.

To avoid any regrets, avail of our services.