We don’t often think about the state of our mattresses, much less clean them; and yet, without them, we wouldn’t enjoy a good night’s sleep.  Since our mattress is covered most of the time, we really don’t feel an urgent need to clean it, right?  Well, it’s time to wake up, pay more attention to our mattress and care for it.

Here are the top 5 reasons why your mattress deserves a steam clean:

  1. Treat Minor Stains

Minor stains in a mattress can still be taken out with a good clean.  The longer you allow the stain to settle, the greater its chances of becoming permanent.  Mould and mildew stains might also develop on your mattress, encouraging unhealthy indoor air.

  1. Eliminate Odour

Steam CleanWhere there are stains, you will also find unpleasant odours.  A bed that has a musty odour is not conducive for sleeping.  Foul odours are also indicative of bacteria growing on your mattress.

  1. Eradicate Pests

Tiny bed bugs and microscopic dust mites may be lying concealed in your mattress.  Who wants to lie in a bed where bugs could come out and bite you while you’re sleeping?

  1. Remove allergens

Dirt, dust, animal dander, bug excrements and bacteria can all trigger allergies.  Studies have shown that dirty carpets and mattresses can even aggravate asthma.

  1. Prolong your mattress’ life

Stains and regular use can wear down your mattress.  If you want to avoid the expense of constantly getting a new mattress, then you need to care for your current one to extend its life.  Aside from cleaning it, manufacturers recommend flipping and rotating the mattress every few weeks.

Now that you know why your mattress needs to be steam cleaned, you can choose to hire a professional cleaner or you can do the cleaning yourself but the process will require a good deal of your time and effort.  Professional cleaning, meanwhile, benefits you because it’s quicker, more convenient and more thorough.  The cleaning technicians also have all the necessary equipment.  Whether you do it yourself or get an expert, the most important thing is to get your mattress cleaned regularly.


Image by Logan Ingalls on Flickr