Do you get a funny feeling that your carpet is not what it once was?  Do you feel that you need to do something but you’re not sure what?  Are you on the fence about repairing or replacing your carpet?

Here’s how to figure out what your carpet needs.

If your carpet…

  • Has burns from dropped embers or has melted areas
  • Has holes, rips or tears
  • Has pulled threads
  • Is patched and frayed in areas because it was chewed by your pet
  • Is matted and has lost its form
  • Has permanent stains that could not be removed even by professional cleaners
  • Has faded areas
  • Makes a crinkling sound when someone walks on it (indicating your carpet padding has aged)

… Then your carpet needs REPAIR.

Repair or Patching means a portion of your carpet will be replaced.  If you have spare carpet at home, this will replace the damaged area.  If not, a part of your carpet from areas under large furniture will be cut away and used.

If your carpet…

  • Has lumps, bumps and wrinkles
  • Has uplifts at the edges adjoining the room
  • Has buckled and formed ripples from your large furniture being moved
  • Has rippled from old age and exposure to high temperature

… Then your carpet needs STRETCHING.

The process of Stretching involves the ends of the carpet being pulled up from the floor and stretched until the carpet is tight.  The technicians will then trim any excess carpet and return the carpet to its position.  Finally, the ends of the carpet are stapled and secured back to the floor.

If your carpet…

  • Has spots and stains from mud, juice, wine, coffee, ink, urine, vomit and blood
  • Is emitting a persistent foul odour
  • Is making you sneeze, cough, rub your itchy eyes and generally triggers your allergies
  • Looks old and dirty
  • Was last cleaned over 12 months ago

… Then your carpet needs a DEEP CLEAN.

A deep clean or professional clean will make use of powerful vacuum cleaners and industry standard cleaning processes.  Our technicians are cleaning experts and use the most efficient method of carpet cleaning, steam cleaning.  Steam is used to loosen soil embedded in the carpet and clean the carpet fibres.  The dirt is then sucked by a powerful vacuum cleaner and a detergent is also used to sanitise the carpet.  Afterwards, the carpet is dried with heavy-duty air movers.



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Image credits: Anne-Lise Heinrichs