Water Damage and Restoration Brisbane

Water Damage and Restoration Brisbane

Water Damage and Restoration Brisbane

Water Damage and Restoration Brisbane; We dry WET CARPETS fast.

A flooded carpet is a cleaning emergency and we specialise in water damage and restoration Brisbane .  Whether it’s due to a leaky roof, flooded house or burst pipe, you need to move quickly to protect your carpet.  A wet carpet does not only smell bad, but depending on what came with the water, you carpet may already be harbouring disease-causing bacteria.  The longer the carpet is soaked, the greater the danger to your family’s health.

What happens to a carpet that is permanently damaged by water?  The carpet’s design will be destroyed.  Mildew, seen as brown spots, will develop on your carpet, particularly on the underlay or carpet padding.  A pungent stench will also emanate from the ruined carpet.

When you are in need of drying your wet carpet in Brisbane, just give us a call and we call quickly organise a specialist in water damage and restoration Brisbane to promptly visit your home.

 Categories of Water Damage Contamination:

  1. Category 1 “Clean Water”
  • Came from clean water sources and were not contaminated initially
  • Water from burst pipes, clean water from broken appliances, rainwater
  1. Category 2 “Grey Water”
  • Water that has been contaminated by chemicals or physical matter, and can potentially cause illnesses
  • Dirty water from appliances, sprinkler water, overflows from toilet (without faeces)
  1. Category 3 “Black Water”
  • Highly contaminated water, with bacteria, and will very likely cause illnesses and diseases
  • Sewage water, flood water, toilet backflows (even if water does not look black)

Even Category 1 water can worsen to Category 3 if not attended to in time.

*This list is based on the IICRC’s S-500 Standard and Reference Guide for Professional Water Damage Restoration.

Water Damage and Restoration Brisbane

Guardian Carpet Cleaning can help save your carpet from the aftermath of water damage. We use a rapid extraction method to prevent more damage and speed up drying.

Our materials and equipment are the latest in the market and one of the most powerful in the world.  The extraction device can either be portable or truck-mounted, with the capacity to suction 900 litres per hour.

Our Water Damage and Restoration Brisbane procedure:

  1. Removal of standing water using our powerful extraction machines
  2. Cleaning and sanitising of affected areas

Our cleaning technicians are skilled and experienced at handling water damage emergencies and the cleaning solutions they apply are highly effective.  Call us now and we can work together to clean, disinfect and refresh your home.

To bring your carpet and soft furnishings back to optimum condition, we also offer carpet steam cleaning along with water damage and restoration brisbane.