Whether ceramic (like porcelain), stone (like slate) or vinyl, tile floors can add both beauty and function to your home.  Tiles are perfect for people who want easy to clean floors.  They’re ideal for the bathroom and kitchen because of their water resistant properties but they can be used for practically any room in the house.  Tile floors also don’t harbour pests like dust mites and germs, and those tile floors can last as long as your house does when you know how to keep them clean.

Check out these simple tile cleaning tips for cleaning tile floors:

  • Wipe up spills and wipe away dirt as soon as they happen.
  • Sweep or vacuum dust and dirt several times a week.
  • Mop your floor with a wet rag or mop and mild detergent.
  • Don’t forget to dry the floor with a clean cloth.
  • Place door mats at the entry areas of your home where everyone can wipe and dust off their shoes.


tile cleaning

The tiles are not the only thing you have to reckon with.  Grout is used to hold your tiles in place and though tiles are easy to clean, the downside is that grout is not.  It absorbs dirt, mildew and other stains.  Grout also needs to be cleaned regularly; or else, it becomes absolutely filthy and impossible to clean.  Worse, it cracks or crumbles, in which case you will need to replace it.  Some owners opt for caulk instead of grout on their tile floors.  Caulk is preferred for areas that need to be waterproof, like the bathroom and windows.

How to clean grout or caulk on tile floors:

  • Scrub the grout or caulk lines gently with sandpaper or a pencil eraser.
  • If the stain is still there, mix two tablespoons of oxygenated bleach in two cups of water. Smear this on the lines with a toothbrush and let soak for at least half an hour.  Afterwards, scrub again lightly but keep adding the solution while scrubbing.
  • Another alternative is to use baking soda, instead of bleach.
  • Grout sealer should also be applied every year to lower the chances of any stains setting in.