Thorneside Carpet Cleaning Services

When there is more than one carpet cleaning company in your area especially if they all claim to be offering the best services, it could be very hard to choose which one you will hire. You should now be aware of the fact that we have come to Thorneside to provide the highest quality of service to our clients. We have been hired multiple times by the same clients because they love what we do and the care that we really have for them. They love us because we make sure that carpets are really cleaned before we leave their place. We give a guarantee of 100% satisfaction or we give the money back because that’s the kind of company we are. We will only take your money if you are genuinely satisfied with what we did.

The method that use has an advantage over others

The kind of method that we do for the carpets is called hot water extraction and it is the most deadly ones against bacteria and dirt that are hard to remove by regular vacuuming. This method is done by getting portable mounted units to get steam inside the carpet’s base eliminating everything that can cause some problems in the long run especially allergies. We are very concerned about our customers and that is why we only use the best cleaning solutions. They are friendly to the environment making them completely safe for humans and pets. These solutions do not have any toxic chemicals which is why you will never have a problem even if you are exposed to the carpet every day.

We are always on schedule

When you already have an appointment with us, you just need to wait for us to come and take care of the carpet. We know that you have other things to do which is why we always arrive on time because we don’t like making our clients wait. You will love the fact that we have more than one package to offer so that you have a choice as to what you are going to avail from us because we know that different carpets don’t need the same cleaning all the time.

We can also be hired for other things

If there are pests in your area, you can call on us to take care of them and we have a very reliable 24 hour flood water extraction service that is always reliable. We can also clean upholstery, mattresses, pet stains and remove the odours that are very annoying.

You should not wait too long before calling us because we are in demand. Contact us and get the best services in Thorneside.