Sunnybank Hills Carpet Cleaning Services

There are a lot of other carpet cleaning companies that you will see posted, but we offer the best service among all of them. The experience that we have for years has made us even better than we first started and our customers have stayed with us since they started hiring us. We are already in Sunnybank Hills and you will surely appreciate the fact that we have expanded to your area. We provide an exceptional quality of service and you will notice that once you avail of what we are offering. The satisfaction that we have been giving our clients is still the same up to this day and we care about the cleaning process that we do so that you will have a restored carpet and you will be safe from chemicals.

We only do the best for your carpet

Carpets deserve the best care which is why we use hot water extraction method. It is the most effective among other methods because it is done by the use of portable mounted units that will put steam inside the carpet’s base so that all of the bacteria and dirt will be eliminated. The allergens will not be present in the air that you breathe so you won’t be at risk for health problems. The cleaning solutions that will be applied on your carpet are harmless to the environment making them safe for children and pets so that you can live or work in a place where you don’t have to worry about toxic chemicals. Carpets require to be professionally cleaned at least once a year and that’s why you can hire us on a contractual basis.

You can expect us to arrive on time and we have the best terms

When you have set an appointment with us, you don’t have to wonder if we will come or not because we always show up. We never make our clients wait and you deserve the same treatment from us. Since there is more than one type of carpet, we are offering different packages that you can choose from because not all carpets are going to need the same level of cleaning. It could also depend on your budget and the size of the carpet that needs cleaning.

What else can you expect us to do?

We have upholstery, mattress, pet stain cleaning and odour removal. You can also call us for pest control and we have a 24 hour flood water extraction service that can be hired anytime you need to.

Get the best service for your carpet by calling us to set an appointment.