Sunnybank Carpet Cleaning Services<

When there is lot of carpet cleaning companies that you see, you can easily have a dilemma of which one to choose because you think that all will offer you the same quality of service. What you don’t know is the quality they provide still vary even if carpet cleaning is what they specialize in. There are also different methods that are used when cleaning carpets, but unlike us we only go for the best one that carpet manufacturers recommend. The experience we have has brought us to Sunnybank so that you can also have a fair share of our good service and expertise. The reputation that we have built for years is very ideal for both domestic and commercial carpet cleaning and we offer full satisfaction or else we will refund your payment in case you are not satisfied.

We are using the best method

When it comes to the method that we are using, it is hot water extraction because it is the most effective among all of them and we are sure that you will love your carpet more afterwards. The cleaning method is performed by engaging the use portable mounted units that are able to inject steam in the carpet’s base to get all of the bacteria and harmful elements that are located deep in the carpet fibres. You should not worry about the cleaning solutions that we use because they are not harmful to the environment making it very safe for children and pets. The condition of the carpets will be restored and you will not even remember how dirty it looked before cleaning. The texture of the carpet fibres will also be very soft to the touch.

You can rely on us and we have a lot of options

Once you are done setting an appointment with us, all you need to do is relax and wait for us to come. We assure you that we will definitely show up because we don’t like to make you wait and we respect your own schedule as well. When it comes to the cleaning packages we have, you can choose which one your carpet needs and this could also depend on the size of the job. You will surely find one that’s suitable for you.

What else can you hire us for?

We offer pet stain and odour removal because we know that they can be difficult to remove. Our upholstery and mattress cleaning is very reliable and you can ask us to get rid of pests that are bothering you. We also have a 24 hour flood water extraction service can be called anytime.

Contact us without hesitation because you will only get the best.