Stain Treatment and Removal

Stain Treatment and Removal BrisbaneStain removal is normally easy if spills and spots are gotten to fast enough to be removed when the material is washed and cleaned. Unfortunately, some stains just won’t go away without a fight.

When conventional methods don’t work, it’s time to bring in the experts, especially when it comes to stain treatment.

Guradian Carpet Cleaning has technicians who are trained, qualified and experienced in stain treatment and removal for carpets, upholstery and mattresses. Call us immediately for advice on what to do until we can get to your home.

Our top quality cleaning process, equipment and solutions have proven to be effective at getting rid of stains. Customers can attest that we have had great success in eliminating most stains, even stains others have had difficulty removing, such as coffee, tea, beer, red wine, blood, pet urine, vomit, grease, paint, nail polish, and wax.

Stain treatment process:

Our technicians inspect the stained area, assess the type of material the stain is on, what kind of stain it is, and the length of time the stain has had to settle. They then inquire on any steps the tenant or home owner has taken to address the stain. Finally, based on all these information, they determine the best cleaning method and products to use. They will also advice you on how to deal with future stains.

Guardian Carpet Cleaning will banish those unpleasant stains so you can again enjoy your clean, immaculate carpets, couch and mattresses with state of the art stain treatment.