Seventeen Mile Rocks Carpet Cleaning Services

When you are trying to figure out what to do with your dirty carpet even if you vacuum it regularly, you should realize that it’s not that hard. You can easily hire us to give the carpet professional cleaning because it is required at least once a year. We have been making clients happy with how their carpet looks after we are done with the cleaning for years and it is time that we bring our company to Seventeen Mile Rocks because you need our expertise to do the job right. We are very confident to offer you a guarantee of 100% satisfaction or give your money back because we know that we have worked very hard to get to where we are today. We have the right technicians to do handle all types of carpets because it cannot be done just by anyone or any company.

You will love our method

Since we know what method carpet manufacturers recommend, that’s exactly what we will do to your carpet. The hot water extraction method is what we use to clean the carpet because it is the most effective for carpets. It is gentle on children and animals because of the environment-friendly solutions we use. The method is very effective because we use portable mounted units so that steam can get inside the base of the carpet in order to get all of the dirt and bacteria out because they can cause health problems later on. We are aware that you regular vacuum your carpet, but that is not the only thing carpets require since it is only good for removing dirt that are on the surface. Carpets require deep and thorough cleaning at least once a year and you can rely on us to do that for you.

We are reliable and at the same time flexible

When you set an appointment with us, we make sure that not be neglected in our schedule and we will not fail to show up on time. The packages that we are offering vary because there are different carpets and not all need the same amount of cleaning and it could also depend on your budget.

Enjoy our other services as well

When you don’t need carpet cleaning you can ask us to clean your upholstery and mattress. We also offer pest control for unwanted visitors that you cannot get rid of. We have pet stain and odour removal and you can call our 24 hour flood water extraction service anytime you will need it.

Don’t look for another company because we are the best and you will not be unhappy after we are done.