Sandstone Point Carpet Cleaning Services

We have been serving other areas in the past and it is now the time of Sandstone Point to experience our excellence. We have the best trained technicians in the business and we have been making clients smile since the day we started. Our reputation has definitely become even better through the years of experience we have and we even give a guarantee of 100% satisfaction or we give back your money. Our clients have stayed with us because they can see and feel the care we have for them. It is because we only use a method that is recommended by carpet manufacturers. We only want them to have the best quality of service because some companies will offer the same service, but what they lack is the quality. That’s the reason why they cannot be compared to us.

Why we have an advantage

We make sure to only use one type of method because it is the one that is proven to be effective against tough dirt and bacteria that are very hard to remove. We have portable mounted units that will be used to inject steam in the base of the carpet so that all of the harmful elements will really be eliminated not being able to affect you in the long run. They should not stay in your carpet which is the reason why professional cleaning every year is needed. The condition of the carpet will be restored because we use the best cleaning solutions as well. They are friendly to the environment because they do not have toxic chemicals which also mean that they are safe for humans and pets.

Our company is always reliable and flexible

We will always follow the agreed time and date that we have because we do not want to make you wait. You will not be disappointed because we will always show up even if the only time you have for us is late at night. We respect your time and the other things you have to do. We have different packages that will be able to choose from because we don’t want to limit your options and there is more than one type of carpet that needs cleaning.

We do more than carpet cleaning

You will be surprised to find out that we can clean upholster, mattresses, pet stains, and remove odours that are very unpleasant. We can be hired for pest control and we have a very good 24 hour flood water extraction service.

We are always ready for you and all you have to do is call us for an appointment so you can experience the best services in Sandstone Point.