Rocklea Carpet Cleaning Services

When you have been looking everywhere for a reliable carpet cleaning company, but still haven’t found one, maybe you haven’t come across us yet. Now that we are in Rocklea, you will no longer have to deal with unreliable carpet cleaning companies again. We are very concerned with your satisfaction and it is important to us that you really get the results that you are expecting. We are very true to our word and that is what makes us reputable and reliable. You will love what we do for your carpet because you will feel as if it is new again. We assure you that you will get 100% satisfaction if you use our service and we will not disappoint you. Our company has the right knowledge, license, and certification to handle all carpet cleaning jobs.

Why you will love your carpet afterwards

The method that we use for cleaning carpets is hot water extraction and if you compare it with other ways to clean carpets, it is the most effective against bacteria and dirt that are really hidden deep inside the carpet. Doing regular vacuuming only eliminates dirt found on the surface because it cannot suck out all the dirt and allergens that are inside the carpet fibres. Hot water extraction is very effective because portable mounted units are used to deliver steam in the carpet’s base removing all health hazards that are living in your carpet. Your carpet will dry quickly when this method is used allowing you to use it right away. We use cleaning solutions that will not harm the environment at all which makes it ideal if there are children and pets living with you. We also do this method for commercial carpet cleaning because we have technicians who are really trained to handle all carpets.

Aside from having a good method, we are reliable and flexible too

When you are expecting us to come according to schedule, you should not worry because we always show up. We make sure that you will not have to wait for us because we respect your time as well. You will be happy to see that you are not limited to choosing only one package, but out of several. They were made according to your budget and what different carpets need.

Other things we do

We are reliable 24 hours when it comes to flood water extraction service and we can help take care of pests inside the area. We also clean upholstery, mattresses, pet stains, and odour removal.

When you need to call us, do not wait any longer because you will not be sad about the results.