Newstead Carpet Cleaning Services

You will find a lot of carpet cleaning companies saying that their carpet cleaners are the best in the business, but not all of them will treat your carpet the same way. Not all of them are really good at doing their job and they don’t always satisfy their customers. We are proud to say that we can provide good carpet cleaning service in Newstead because we understand all of your needs and concerns. Our company is committed to providing the best carpet cleaning service in Newstead.

Our technicians are fully licensed and trained to clean your carpet thoroughly. They have a lot of experience in handling all types of carpets for both domestic and commercial use. It also does not matter if the size of your carpet is big or small because we have the proper equipment to tackle all carpet cleaning jobs. The method we use which is the hot water extraction is the one being recommended by carpet manufacturers. Portable truck-mounted units are being used to clean carpets giving them a very detailed and deep cleaning. They will remove the dirt found on the surface and also the ones that are hidden deep into the carpet fibres. There are hidden dust mites, fungus, and mould that cannot be removed by regular vacuuming. If they are not removed from the carpet, people can experience coughing and sneezing. And if the situation gets more serious, people can experience asthma and eczema. The products we use are friendly to the environment making it safe for humans and pets. The suction machine we use is enough to take out all of the excess moisture so that carpets dry up quickly. Your carpet will look new and smell fresh.

We are reliable

There are carpet cleaning companies that fail to show up on the scheduled date and time, but we will never do that to you. If you are looking for carpet cleaners who are reliable and effective, we will be there for you.

Other services

If you need flood water extraction in cases of emergency, we will be there for you because we have a 24 hour response team for that. We can clean your upholstery and mattresses and also remove pet odour and stains.

For all of your carpet cleaning needs, you need to come to us. We have very flexible payment terms and packages to suit all of your needs. All you need to do is set an appointment and you can expect us to be there to take care of your carpet problems.