Moving house can be a strain for the whole family: the parents and children.  Adults usually focus on the details of moving, wrapping things up at the old residence and adjusting to the new home.  With all the flurry of activity, we often neglect the effects of the move on the children.

When moving house with your kids, there are a few simple things you can do to help them with this transition.  Take the following steps to ensure everyone in your family is ready and excited for the move:

Moving House With Your Kids

Moving HouseDiscuss the move ahead of time.

Once you’ve decided on the move out date, get the family together and talk about how this would impact your lives and the changes everyone needs to adapt to.  Explain how this would benefit the family.  Reassure all members and let the kids air out their feelings and concerns.  Your children can sense if you’re stressed and anxious so try to stay optimistic and upbeat.

Include the kids in planning and preparing

Let them help organize their stuff and pack their clothes.  Encourage them to choose which of their favorite items, toys or books they want to pack first.  If you can, take them to see the new place and allow them to decide on how they would like to arrange and design their room.  They will be more amenable to the move if they can feel they have some control and that you value their involvement.

Explore and discover your new environment together

Research about your new area together and make plans for your family’s activities when you get there.  Look for playgrounds, libraries, parks and other child and pet-friendly places.  Help your children research on their new school.  Knowing what to expect will help ease their worries.

Assist them with bidding farewell to their friends and school

This might become an emotional time for them as they’ll be saying goodbye to close friends and familiar faces.  Support them with how they’d like to say goodbye such as having a small party with their friends or visiting them a few days before leaving.  Comfort them and show them the different ways they can keep communicating with their friends.  These days, family and friends who live far away don’t have to lose touch thanks to emails and social media.

On the day of the move, ask someone to watch over the younger kids and keep them from getting underfoot.  Prepare music, toys and books to keep them entertained.  Don’t forget to also keep extra clothes, snacks and beverages on hand.

Moving can be a major event in your life but it doesn’t have to be an unnecessarily sad one.  These tips should help make moving with your kids a positive and enjoyable experience for the whole family.