It’s time to move.  You’re all packed and ready to go.  The removalists have arrived.  The family is all set and briefed on their duties and responsibilities.  You’ve taken care of all your obligations and informed the right people of your move.  And then you look out the window and see ominous rain clouds on the horizon.  Moving out just became a little more challenging with the threat of moving out in the rain.

What concerns do you need to deal with when moving out in the rain?  First of all, the rain will make moving stuff around unsafe.  The ground will be slippery and anyone could trip and fall.  With people carrying heavy boxes, there’s twice the danger involved.  Imagine slipping and having the heavy box fall on you.  Another real concern is that your boxes, appliances and furniture will get soaked from the rain.

Finally, your new home will be even dirtier from the mud and dirt tracked in by dripping people and muddy shoes.

Here’s our advice on safely and successfully moving house in the rain.

Watch your step.

Be on the lookout for slippery surfaces like your wooden floors and tiles and the ramp of the moving truck.  If you can, mop up puddles in your home or garage.

Ready the rain gear.

Moving house AdviceHave an umbrella handy. Provide rain jackets, boots and ponchos.  Prepare extra towels for people to dry themselves.

Rags and mats.

Spread out some rags or old towels on the floor for people to wipe their shoes on.  Get out those walk off mats and position them at the entry areas.

Protect your belongings.

Try to keep your boxes out of the rain.  One suggestion would be to have the moving van park as close to the house as possible and the movers can carefully pass the boxes to each other.  Use plastic wrap or bubble wrap to cover your furniture.  In the absence of plastic wrap, use blankets or towels.

Pack all of your belongings in boxes or plastic containers.

Invest in high quality boxes to place your stuff in.  Boxes when wet have a tendency to fall apart.  Your appliances should also be packed in durable boxes as moisture can damage them.

As you can see, moving house in the rain does not have to be a disaster.  Knowing what to do will help you to keep your cool and stay efficient and organized on moving day.

It is always best to be prepared for the worst so that neither rain nor too much shine can keep you from having a hassle-free moving experience.

Image: Daniel Lee