Germs are everywhere.  They can contaminate anything and cause numerous illnesses and diseases.  So if you want to keep your home healthy for your family, watch out for certain germ hotspots.

Here are the areas of your home that carry more germs and what you can do to effectively reduce bacteria on them:

Minimising the GermsSoiled Towels

Moisture can hasten the growth of the bacteria you left on your towels.  Wash and replace used hand, kitchen, bath and face towels every week.  Let the towels air dry completely before using.

Washing Machine.

Dirty laundry harbours germs and this can contaminate the inside of your washing machine.  To avoid this, wash your laundry in hot water.  Once a week, clean the washer by running it empty with just one cup of bleach.


Our bed is exposed to bacteria from all the things we do on it including eating and sleeping in when we’re sick.  Add the very real threat of bedbugs and dust mites and you have a hotbed for germs.  Wash and replace your bed linen every week.


Bacteria from raw meat and other soiled food go through your sink every day.  Scrub the sink with a disinfectant and while you’re at it, wash the sponge and make sure it dries completely.  Don’t forget to replace that sponge every few weeks.


Despite the cold temperature, bacteria can still flourish in the fridge from forgotten leftovers, unwashed vegetables and raw meat.  Wipe the fridge with soapy water and remove any food that has been sitting there for ages.


This one is pretty obvious but something else you might not know is that leaving the lid up while flushing can spread the germs all over your bathroom.  Remember to keep the lid down when flushing and scrub your toilet and bathroom every week.

Carpets and Rugs

Last but not least, what covers your entire room and most of your house can be hiding pests, bacteria, dust and other allergens.  Vacuum your carpets every week and inform everyone to leave their shoes at the door.

Although we cannot completely eliminate bacteria, we can certainly decrease the amount of germs infecting our home by following these simple guidelines.  Make these a habit and your home will constantly be a healthy, germ-free haven.

Image by AJC1 on Flickr