Michelton Carpet Cleaning Services

When you have been tirelessly looking for a good carpet cleaning company, you are lucky to be on this page because we are the one you’ve been looking for. We are finally opening our business to Michelton because we know that carpet cleaning is very important for carpet maintenance. It is no joke to buy a carpet and they are investment from the day you purchase them which is why they need to get the best care possible. You can be sure that our company is certified and we have technicians who are well-trained to handle any carpet cleaning job whether large or small. We always make sure that you will be 100% satisfied or else we will give your money back. We have the level of confidence because we are that good and our services are very reliable.

You can rely on us

We never keep our customers waiting and we make sure that we arrive on time. All you need to do is set an appointment, choose your package, and you can expect us to be there right on schedule. We respect the fact that you have other things to do and your time is just as precious as ours and that’s why we always fit you in and we will be the ones to compromise on your available time.

We have the best experience

We have been around for a few years and have managed to build a good reputation among our customers because they keep on coming back or hire us on a contractual basis for cleaning their office carpets. Our cleaning process is very effective because the method we use which is hot water extraction means that we use portable mounted units to get steam into the base of the carpet to remove all of the dirt, allergens, and other hazardous elements that are found deep in your carpet that cannot be sucked out by regular vacuuming. It is very easy to hire carpet cleaners, but none of them work like us and we only use products that are really safe for the environment. You can be confident that your children and pets will not be harmed by the cleaning products that we use and you will love the condition of your carpet after the cleaning process.

You need to try our other services

We have pest control management to take care of unwanted visitors in your home or office. You can also ask us to clean your upholstery and mattresses and/or get rid of pet stains and odour. Our 24 hour flood water extraction service is always available especially in times of emergency.

Set an appointment now and get the best service you will ever find.