Lota Lytton Carpet Cleaning Services

When you need to act fast because your carpet is starting to look really dirty and messy, you need to find us right away and call us. We are saying this because we are now catering to the area of Lota Lytton and we are very reliable. We have been providing great service to clients for years and it is about time that you find out why they love us. The customers we have keep on hiring us and that only shows how much they trust and like what we do. We offer 100% satisfaction guarantee or you can have your money back because that’s how confident we are in the quality of service that we provide. You will not go wrong when you hire us and our reputation that we care so much about puts us on our toes every time we have a client.

The method that is highly recommended

We have only use the method that is recommended by carpet manufacturers called hot water extraction. It is known to be the most effective one in maintaining carpets because it incorporates the use of portable mounted units that will then start to inject steam in the carpet’s base cleaning and killing all of the hazardous things that like to reside in the carpet’s fibres. They continue to exist because even if you do regular vacuuming, it is only good for removing the dirt that can be found on the surface. The only cleaning solutions we use are the ones that are very friendly to the environment so that humans and pets will not be harmed by any toxic chemicals that are present in other solutions.

You can trust us

You don’t have to worry about us not showing up because we never fail to show up on time and according to the schedule that we agreed on. Our clients have never experienced waiting because we always arrive on time. We know that you have a busy schedule and your time is also limited. There is more than one package that you can choose from and we have based them on what your carpet needs and the amount of budget that you have. We know that not all carpets need the same amount of cleaning which is also why we have different packages.

Try the others that we are offering

You can also ask us to clean upholstery, mattresses, pet stains, and also get rid of nasty odours. Unwanted visitors will not stand a chance against our pest control management and we have a 24 hour flood water extraction service that you can call anytime.

Call us anytime you need to avail of our services and you will not regret making an appointment with us.