Kedron Carpet Cleaning Services

When you are using the carpet every day, you need to hire professionals to clean it up because regular vacuuming is not enough to remove the dirt that are found deep in the base of the carpet. Vacuuming can only be recommended for removing the dirt found on the surface and if you want your carpet to have a longer lifespan, you need to have the fibres thoroughly cleaned as well. Our business has been around for a few years and our experienced technicians can handle all types of carpets because we made sure that we are a certified and licensed company before opening our business to the public.

For domestic and commercial

We have an amount of experience that is incomparable to others and we have the proper experience to take on both domestic and commercial carpet cleaning jobs. The method we use is called hot water extraction and it is the one that is recommended by carpet manufacturers when you want your carpet to last longer. This cleaning process gives your carpet a very deep clean by injecting heat in the base of the carpet to kill all of the dirt and other hazardous things that are ‘living’ in the fibres of the carpet. After we are done cleaning your carpet, you will notice its fresh smell and great appearance. The colours of the carpet will look vibrant again because our technicians can perform the cleaning without damaging or making the carpet shrink.

We have flexible options

We are aware that not all carpets require the same level of cleaning and that is the reason why we have different packages. Each package can be discussed to you so you will be able to pick which one is really best for your carpet. It is important that you have your carpet cleaned once a year because it will help in maintaining the beauty of your carpet.

Safe for the environment

We make sure that the products we use are friendly to the environment and not toxic to both children and animals. This is important because when people are living in a house, they are exposed to the carpet every day and the carpet cannot have any form of toxic chemicals.

Use our others services

We clean mattresses, upholstery, and pet odour and stains that are very hard to remove. We have a great pest control management to take care of unwanted visitors and our 24 hour flood water extraction service is available even in cases of emergency.

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