Hamilton Carpet Cleaning Services

When you need to find a reputable carpet cleaning company in Hamilton, you can definitely rely on us because our years of experience have made us known because of the good service that our customers get. We have prices that are well justified and you will know where your money is going to because we will be very transparent in explaining our services to you. The guarantee we offer is not like any other because we are even offering the option to give your money back in case we fail to make you happy 100% which is almost impossible. We can offer both domestic and commercial carpet cleaning and are capable of handling all types of carpets. We don’t mind if you only have a small carpet because can clean any size of carpet.

What we do

Since we have been around for a few years, we already know that is the best method that is recommended by carpet manufacturers to maintain the life and beauty of the carpet. We use hot water extraction method to inject steam in the base of your carpet to expel all of the dirt that cannot removed by regular vacuum cleaning because it is only good for removing surface dirt. By involving the use of portable truck mounted units, it allows us to eliminate the bacteria, dirt, and elements that are hazardous like to get themselves inside the carpet fibres. This is also very important when you have pets at home because pet dander can get stuck in between the fibres that can trigger respiratory problems.

After undergoing the cleaning process, you will notice that the carpet smells fresh, looks clean, and appears vibrant. This is because our technicians our well-trained to handle all carpet types. We made sure that our company got its license and certification before opening our business to you because we only care about satisfying you. We guarantee 100% satisfaction otherwise we will return your money and you will not find this kind of deal anywhere else. We are also very punctual because we don’t like to keep you waiting.

You can also avail of other services

If there are pests in your home or office, you can use our pest control management to get rid of all of them. We have a 24 hour flood water extraction service in case of emergencies and we also handle carpet and upholstery cleaning. If there are pet stains and odours on your carpet that you cannot remove, you can rely on us for that as well.

Don’t wait any longer and contact us today to set an appointment.