When your carpet smells fresh, the fragrance brightens an entire room.  However, when your carpet smells bad, the whole room also stinks.  Fortunately, your carpet can be saved and your room restored to its fresh glory.

Here’s how to remove odours from your carpet:

  1. carpetStain or Dirt?  You will first need to identify if the odour comes from the overall dirty carpet or a specific stain.  The common culprits of a foul odour are pet urine and faeces, spilled food and beverages or an old, unwashed carpet.  For a dirty carpet, give it a good vacuum and a deep clean.  If you suspect the odour is from a stain, pinpoint its exact location.  Inspect the whole carpet and look for discolorations.  If you can’t find a discoloration, follow your nose and trace the source of the odour.
  1. Black light.  The best way to find a stain that’s invisible to the naked eye is to use a black light.  Vacuum the whole carpet first, then switch off all lights, close the door and windows and go around the room shining the black light on the carpet, area by area.  The stains should appear as the following colours:
    1. Dull Green, Yellow or Brownish: Pet Urine
    2. Bright White, Blue or Green: Food and Beverage Spills, Soap or Detergent
  1. Unmistakable stench. Confirm that the area is indeed the stain by smelling it. Mark the area by sticking tape on the borders of the stain.
  1. Stain treatment. Focus on removing the stain first.  You can refer to our guide for treating different stains.
  1. Odour treatment. In most cases, vacuuming the carpet, giving it a deep clean and removing the stain should also get rid of the odour.  But if that doesn’t work, then proceed to the following steps.
  1. Common household product that will do the trick: Baking Soda 
    1. Scatter a layer of baking soda over the stained area.
    2. Brush gently with a broom for the baking soda to settle deeper into the carpet.
    3. Leave the area alone for at least a day.
    4. Vacuum the baking soda.
    5. Repeat the process, if some of the smell still lingers.
  1. Common household product that will do the trick: Vinegar diluted with water
    1. Using a solution of half vinegar and half water, spray or blot lightly on the stained area.
    2. Let the solution set for about half an hour.
    3. Rinse the area well by spraying or blotting with water.
    4. Dry the area by dabbing at it gently with a clean cloth.

These little secrets will help free your carpet of unsightly stains and unpleasant odours.  If following all these steps does not work, then your carpet will need the help of a professional cleaner.



Image by Monrovia Public Library on Flickr