StainsAnyone knows that stained clothes is a fashion faux pas. So how do you get rid of those stubborn stains? You can’t just throw your stained clothing in the washer and expect the stain to disappear. Here’s a quick guide to common clothes stains and some techniques for removing them:

Advice common to removing all types of stains is to use the blotting method with whatever cleaning solution you use. Always blot gently and move from the outside of the stain going in. When using dish-washing detergents, avoid those with lanolin or bleach. Last but not the least, be sure to test any cleaning solution you want to use on a small area on the clothing first.

First Aid for Clothes Stains

1. Butter/ Oil

Apply some acetone on the stain. Rinse the area with isopropyl rubbing alcohol and let dry. Spray diluted dish-washing detergent on any residual stain and then soak with an enzyme cleaner.

2. Ink

Drip some isopropyl rubbing alcohol on the stain. Treat any residue with acetone. Allow the area to dry, spray with diluted dish-washing soap and then soak with an enzyme cleaner.

3. Barbecue Sauce or Tomato Sauce

Remove any sauce left on the stain, spray with diluted dish-washing detergent and immerse in lukewarm water. If the stain persists, dribble some vinegar on it and apply some enzyme cleaner then rinse off. As a last resort, you can put some hydrogen peroxide, then rinse it off, and use some more enzyme cleaner and wash off again.

4. Jam

Squirt diluted dish-washing detergent on the stain, rinse with vinegar, apply some hydrogen peroxide and finish off with an enzyme cleaner before finally rinsing.

5. Coffee

Wash the stain with lemon juice or vinegar. Diluted dish-washing detergent can also be used and remove any residue with an enzyme cleaner.

6. Blood Stains

Moisten the stain with diluted dish-washing detergent using a spray bottle. Give it a few minutes then wash off with lukewarm water. Use an enzyme cleaner for any remaining stain.

7. Deodorant

Dissolve about two tablespoons of baking soda in a few tablespoons of lukewarm water. Gently work the baking soda solution into the stain and leave it for a couple of hours or so. Moisten the stained area with laundry detergent and then wash as usual.

8. Lipstick

Scrape off any solids left. Lightly blot the stain with acetone and then rinse with isopropyl rubbing alcohol. You can continue the treatment with diluted dish-washing detergent, and if there’s still some stain left over, use an enzyme cleaner.

9. Makeup

Apply some isopropyl rubbing alcohol on the stain. Blot the area with diluted dish-washing detergent. Spray lightly with water to rinse off.

10. Soil or Mud

Squirt diluted dish-washing detergent on the stained area and let it set for a few minutes. Then use an enzyme cleaner.

Image: Arek Olek