Rugs do not just serve a functional purpose, they can also be considered works of art used to decorate your home.  Just as there are different types of carpet fibres, there are also several varieties of area rugs.  Thick, thin, braided, round, oval, irregular shaped, classic or contemporary designs.  These are just some of the different rugs available on the market and you can choose from an assortment of colours.

Here’s an idea of the different specialty rugs and how you can clean them and prolong the life of your precious specialty rugs.

How to Clean Speciality Rugs

  1. Braided or Woven Rugs

These are the most common.  Made of yarn or fabric braided together and then sewn, these rugs are typically round or oval.

How to clean:  If the rug is small and can be machine-washed, enclose in a mesh laundry bag and wash at a gentle setting in cool water.  For larger rugs, lay them flat in an open area on top of an old blanket, rub carpet shampoo on both sides, then rinse.  Allow the rug to dry and then vacuum before putting it back in place.

  1. Clean Speciality RugsOriental Rugs and Antique Rugs

Oriental specialty rugs are made of fabric woven and hand-knotted in traditional patterns from the Middle and Far East while antique rugs are high quality durable handmade rugs that are at least 50 years old.  Antique rugs are commonly from Turkey, Persia (now Iran) and China.

How to clean:  All rugs need to be vacuumed but special care needs to be given to antique and oriental rugs.  Cover the rug with a nylon screen, make sure the screen is weighted down, and then vacuum over the screen.  These rugs should also be professionally cleaned at least once a year.  Finally, make sure to rotate the rug and keep it away from direct sunlight.

  1. Natural Fibre Rugs

Rugs made of natural materials such as seagrass, wool, jute, bamboo, leather, coir, sisal, hemp, and cotton are natural fibre rugs.  These rugs are mostly in tan, brown or white.

How to clean:  Dirt usually just filters through these rugs because of their open weave.  Regular maintenance for these rugs would be to vacuum them on both sides.  The rugs should also be turned from time to time.

  1. Fur or Hide Specialty Rugs

Fur or hide specialty rugs are made of animal skin such as cowhide, deer, reindeer skin, zebra print, and sheepskin.  Some people prefer animal hides because they’re durable, low maintenance, and hypoallergenic.

How to clean:  To clean the furry or hairy side, sprinkle some talcum powder and allow it to set for a few hours.  Brush the hair to spread the powder and then shake the powder off.  Next, wipe the back of the rug with a clean cloth soaked in soapy water.  Finally, wipe off the suds with a rag moistened in clean water and let the rug dry.

There you have it. Easy and clever ways to clean your precious specialty rugs.

CC Image  PoshSufrside