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Bay Islands

Carpet Cleaning Bay Islands

Carpet Cleaning Bay Islands; The professional local carpet cleaning specialists.

If you live on the Bay Islands then you only too well how hard it is to get a specialist in for carpet cleaning Bay Islands Homes.

Well now you can rest assured. Carpet Cleaning Bay Islands can organise a specialist to jump a barge (charges apply) to visit your property and clean your carpets. May your neighbours are in need of carpet cleaning or one of our other services. Get them booked in for the same day and you can all split the cost of the barge and reduce the call out fee. Think of it like Carpet Cleaning Bay Islands homes’ one carpeted room at a time.

Our packages are designed to meet your needs and fit your budget.  We give you excellent service at an affordable cost.

Visiting and cleaning Bay Islands homes; you can rest assured we have the knowledge, experience, skills and state of the art high powered equipment to take care of all of your carpet cleaning needs.

If you are a vacating tenant then we have a huge range of other services you can use to help you get every part of your bond back.Not only have over 25,000 people used us to help them get their bond money back carpet cleaning Bay Islands homes, but over 85 Real Estates refer and recommend us through out South East Qld. Giving you peace of mind that we exceed acceptable industry standards.

Why Us?

FREE Spot treatment included
FREE Onsite Home Health Check
Same Day Bookings Available
Carpets Dry within 2-5 hours
Fully Insured
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Fully Accredited and Licensed
We are Fast and Efficient
Premium Service Affordable Price

Our Carpet Cleaning Process.

Pre Inspection
Pre spot Application
Pre-condition carpet
Extract/Clear-water rinse
Neutralise PH Balance
Groom and set carpet pile
Post Inspection

Carpet Cleaning Bay Islands

What does this Mean for YOU?

Improved indoor air quality
Healthier Home or Work
Longer before You need to replace them
Safe for your family and pets
Safe For the Environment
Feels great to walk on

Benefits of a Clean Carpet

Allergens like bacteria, dust and dander can flourish on a dirty carpet. Imagine if you have a toddler who loves crawling around and you shudder to think of the germs he is picking up. When your carpet is cleaned, all these allergens will be removed. Your family will enjoy the fresh and healthy air and your little tot can crawl around to his heart’s content.
A carpet can also conceal tiny intruders in its fibres. This is definitely cause for concern as your carpet actually covers an entire room. That means more places to hide for bugs like dust mites, fleas and spiders. Who wants bugs constantly flying and swarming around your home?

A clean carpet increases the chances of your home being free of disease or venom-carrying pests.

If you have children or elderly relatives, a slippery floor or rug could be a safety hazard. Having a carpet could be the solution to protecting your family from broken bones and bruises. However, when your carpet is dirty, it is often matted and no longer soft. A clean, soft, thick carpet properly cushions against bad accidents.
Recreation time is highly recommended to de-stress. On days when you just want to stay indoors, there are still plenty of activities for you and your kids. You can enjoy your leisure time, reading or playing, on the carpet. There’s just something comforting about the feel of a good, soft, thick carpet.
Excessive noise hurts our ears and can damage our hearing. Your carpet’s fabric helps absorb the noise from your household and blocks noise from other rooms. Your sleeping baby can also continue to nap peacefully as the sound of footsteps from people going in and out of your house will be muted by the carpet.