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It’s very easy to think that the best type of carpet to get for your home is the natural one, but with carpets, this concept cannot easily be applied. You need to make a lot of considerations when it comes to picking the best carpet that you want. The budget, cost, and durability need to be considered when getting one and the different types if carpets have those factors you need to think about. They will be discussed below so you can take note of their differences and characteristics.

For the synthetic category:

Nylon carpet

This type of carpet is the most commonly used because it is very durable, easy to colour and print. If you need a carpet that will be able to withstand high traffic, this is the one you must get. This type of carpet is not very expensive, but it is very prone to staining unless you put a product that will protect against stains.


Another term for this is ‘Olefin’ that involves the method of looping and piling when making it. This type of carpet cannot be used in areas that are high in traffic because they are prone to matting which means that they are better for home use and in places that don’t really get a lot of traffic even if they are very resistant to staining except for oil-based products that get spilled on them.

Polyester carpet

This carpet is water repellent and it does not get stained easily. The material used to make is not expensive, but it cannot be placed in high traffic areas because it easily experiences matting and crushing.

Acrylic carpet

This type of carpet was first introduced in 1941 and is mostly being used for imitating grass. Acrylic is also being used in carpet manufacturing and it can be exposed to sun without any problem. When it comes to staining, this carpet is prone to that, but it can be prone to piling and fuzzing. The shelf life cannot be compared to what natural carpets have and it does not feel the same as wool carpets.

Natural category

Wool carpet

This is the carpet that has mostly positive aspects because it does not get stained easily and the fibres always bounce back after being stepped on maintaining the look it originally has. Manufacturers find it easier to colour and put patterns on carpets. The only issue about this type of carpet is how much it costs. This carpet is more expensive compared to the other types of carpets, but the durability is not all that reliable. The best way to go is to buy a carpet that is made up of 80% wool and only 20% synthetic so it will be more durable.

These are the types of carpets, but if you want more information, contact Aimhome Services for other questions that you have. We have a lot of experience in carpets proper carpet maintenance.