Bellmere Carpet Cleaning Services

When you need a reputable carpet cleaning company to do the job right, you need to check us out because we have expanded our services in Bellmere and you can stop searching now. We have the most exceptionally trained technicians in the business to handle all types of carpets in any size. We only want to give top quality service to our clients and that is why we give a guarantee of 100% satisfaction or we will not hesitate to return the money in case they are not completely happy with what we have done. The carpet’s condition will be restored making it look new again and we only use a method that carpet manufacturers recommend because it has been making people happy ever since we started. The care that we have for our clients is evident and they immediately see that once they hire us.

The method that we are so proud of

The method that we have been telling you about is called hot water extraction and it is the one that is being recommended by carpet manufacturers due to its effectiveness. This method lets carpets dry quickly so that they can be used right away and it gives a very thorough cleaning. We start the cleaning process by having portable mounted units inject steam in the base of the carpet because the most harmful elements are found there. The dirt and bacteria be killed in no time so that they will not cause any form of contamination in the long run. We only use cleaning solutions that are friendly to the environment because we are sure that they are safe for humans and pets.

Our reliability is excellent

We make sure that our clients will not end up having to wait for us because always follow the appointment that they have with us. We never fail to show up on time because we respect the fact that you also need to do other things and you don’t have the whole day to wait for us. We will really show up because we will fit you into our schedule. We have made different cleaning packages because there is more than one kind of carpet and their cleaning needs are not the same.

Consider trying our other services

It is already known that we are really good with carpets, but that’s not everything we do. We can also clean upholstery, mattresses, pet stains, and totally get rid of odours that have been bothering you. The pests that are disturbing you can be eliminated and we have a very dependable 24 hour flood water extraction service that is always there for you.

You will not have to hire other companies once you have our services because we have everything you need.