3001, 2015

Keeping Carpet Beetles from Damaging Your Carpet

Regularly clean your home and be on the lookout for possible insect infestations. With the right knowledge and practices, you can protect your carpet and upholstery from carpet beetles' damage.

812, 2014

Rid Your Home of Ants

You will usually find the male and female winged ants flying around when it’s time to mate. Ants also become more active after heavy rain.

2611, 2014

Quick Guide to DIY Flea Control and Treatment

This guide to DIY Flea Control will help you eliminate these pests from your pet and home

610, 2014

Free Your Home Of Pests:  Do It Yourself Pest Control

The most important advice for keeping pests away is to regularly clean and vacuum your home. Properly store and seal food, repair dripping faucets and do not make water sources available for the pests