It’s once again time for that much awaited Melbourne Cup.  Don your fanciest clothes, place your bets and break open the bubbly.  But, did you know that the champagne we all love to guzzle has other unusual uses?  From beauty treatment and recipe ingredient to de-greaser and pest control, you’d be surprised at what you can do with champagne and some of the other popular alcoholic drinks.

Here we’ve compiled a list of interesting uses for the alcohol we drink.

  1. Champagne

  • IMAGE - Interesting Facts About the Alcohol we DrinkSkin toner:  Champagne as a skin toner for normal to oily skin is a lesser known beauty secret.  It’s rich in antioxidants and can tone and protect your skin from aging.  Cleanse your face and neck then wipe your skin with a cotton ball soaked in chilled champagne.   However, since alcohol can dry your skin, moisturize your skin afterwards and limit this routine to just once or twice a week.
  • Vinegar: To make great tasting vinegar, store the champagne in open jars and leave it alone for several weeks.  Once it turns into vinegar, you can cover it and consume within 6 months.
  1. Vodka

  • Polish:  Apply some vodka on a soft, clean cloth and use this to wipe your porcelain, glass and chrome fixtures.  Your fixtures will look shiny and new in no time.
  • Shampoo: Mix some vodka with your shampoo to make your hair healthy and glossy.
  1. Red Wine

  • Wine Jelly Use a canning kit and make your own jelly with 2 cups of wine, 3 ¼ cups of sugar and 1 pouch of pectin.
  • Pest control:  Use red wine to trap the fruit flies in your kitchen.  Pour some red wine into a glass, cover the glass firmly with plastic wrap and punch some small holes in the plastic.  The smell of the wine attracts the flies and they’ll enter the glass through the small holes but they won’t be able to escape.
  1. White Wine

  • De-greaser:  Pour some white wine and baking soda on the grease stains in your garage and scrub away.
  • Glass cleaner: Dirty windows, mirrors and glass table tops will become sparkling clean with this natural cleaning solution.  Using a spray bottle, squirt on to the glass several tablespoons of white wine diluted with water.  Wipe off with a newspaper.
  1. Beer

  • Meat tenderizer:  To tenderize tough parts of meat, soak them in a can of beer for at least an hour.
  • Gold Polish: Bring back your gold jewellery’s gleam by moistening a soft clean cloth with beer, and rubbing this lightly over your gold jewelry.  Wipe them dry with another clean cloth.

Although at the end of the day, you probably won’t have much left in the bottles, it’s still good to know what else you can do aside from drinking it.  So the next time you have leftover wine, or even if you make your own wine and just made too much, you’ll have plenty of use for it in your household.

Image by:  Lindsey Gon