cleaning wallsYour walls might look clean enough but if you want your bond back, clean enough is not good enough.  Your walls might not pass muster upon closer inspection.  Aside from dirt, dust, and cobwebs, walls are often subjected to smudges, handprints, and scribbles from little hands.  The kitchen walls, in particular, endure oil, food and beverage splashes everyday.

The task of cleaning walls in all the rooms of your house may seem overwhelming but these suggestions on how to clean your walls will make your job easier.

Set the stage

Move your furniture away from the walls.  Arrange old linen at the base of the walls to absorb the water and solution and prevent them from spilling on to the carpet.

Prepare your cleaning supplies

You can make your own cleaning solution from diluted dishwashing detergent.  For stubborn stains, mix dishwashing detergent and some vinegar with water.  Pre-test the stain removal solution first on an inconspicuous spot on the wall.  The other tools you will need are a bucket of clean water, a duster, clean rags or cloths, two large cleaning sponges (one for the solution and the other for the water) and a step-ladder or step-stool.  Every time the water in the bucket gets too dirty, replace it with clean water.

Dust off

Remove dust and cobwebs from the walls and ceilings.  Don’t forget the edges and corners.  If you can’t reach the corners with your duster, you can use a broom instead.

Bottom to top, end to end

You heard us right, start from the bottom.  The logic behind this procedure is that when the water drips down a dirty wall and streaks, it’s difficult to remove; whereas dirty streaks on a clean wall are easier to remove.  Wash the entire wall with the cleaning solution then rinse with clean water.  Finish one wall first before moving to the next one.

Wipe dry

After washing and rinsing, use a clean cloth to dry the whole wall.

These suggestions can truly make the strenuous chore of cleaning walls easy and bearable.  Even the grimiest walls can be cleaned with persistence, patience and some elbow grease. Stains can also be removed with the right stain removal solution.  And when all else fails, professional cleaning service providers can deal with the remaining stubborn stains for you.

Image :  Jim Dowling