Does the inside of your car look like a disaster swept through it?  Have you started noticing a funky smell?  Your car should not only look good inside and out, it should also smell good.  To make your car’s interior look good, smell good and have an overall healthy environment, you need to keep it clean.

Fortunately, if you want to clean your vehicle yourself, you can.  Here are some simple guidelines to cleaning your car’s interior:



Clean the dashboard
Dust the dashboard with a brush, and sweep the AC vents and other small spaces with a toothbrush.

Gently wipe the controls and glass panels.
Slightly moisten a soft rag with all-purpose cleaner and use this to wipe the controls, the steering wheel and glass panels.  Don’t rub the glass with a dry rag as any dust particles might scratch it.

Clean the car seats.
Vacuum the seats first.  Mild detergents that you use to clean your chairs and couches in the house can also be applied on your car seats.  However, avoid getting the seats too wet as this can damage the fabric.

Remove and clean the floor mats.
Wash them with water and detergent and make sure to dry them after.

Vacuum the floor.
Move the seats forward so you can see and pick up any hidden clutter (and lost items).  Vacuum the carpet and the door pockets, too.

Protect your plastic,leather, vinyl, glass, and upholstery.
There are products you can spray or smear on the surfaces which are designed to protect your interior and keep them from fading and cracking.  This will prolong the life of your interior surfaces and give them a fresh, polished look.    

Make it a point to regularly clean your car’s interior and get it professionally cleaned every few months.

Image by Bryn Pinzgauer on Flickr