2003, 2015

Choosing A Carpet When You Have Pets

To keep the carpet looking new and make it last longer, it’s important to also know and follow carpet care basics like vacuuming the carpet regularly and treating stains immediately.

1603, 2015

Natural Ways to Clean Carpets

No worries, cleaning your carpets naturally can be easy with the right knowledge and products.

603, 2015

Solutions to Common Carpet Problems

Consistently look after your carpet and quickly deal with problems so that this particular investment can last your family a lifetime.

2602, 2015

Learning About Carpet Mould

As you can see, mould is not just a blemish that ruins the beauty of your carpet, it can even shorten your carpet’s life span

1602, 2015

Guide to Carpet Repair

The next time you encounter permanent stains, burns, tears or ripples in your carpet, check this guide on what service you need. Make sure to call professional carpet repair technicians to restore your carpet.