Motherhood is a full-time job.  So how do you fit in housecleaning, decorating and organizing the home with the daunting task of taking care of and raising kids plus a career?  We know how hectic your schedule can be but one thing you cannot afford to do is compromise the health of your family.  And a dirty carpet is a potential health hazard, aside from being an eyesore. So here are some carpet cleaning tips to help you refresh your home with minimum stress:

Carpet Cleaning Tips for Busy Mums

  • Vacuum at least twice a week.

Going over the entire carpet with a vacuum cleaner is especially important for removing dirt, dust and concealed pests.  Paying special attention to areas with high traffic can also keep them from wearing out.

  • carpet cleaningShoes off the carpet.

Keep footwear that have been outside away from the carpet.  You can either request everyone to remove their shoes, and go barefoot or in socks, or you can offer indoor footwear.  If this is not possible, a walk off mat at your home’s entry areas can help remove dirt tracked in by shoes.

  • Deal with spots and spills immediately

Some of the common household cleaning solutions for removing stains are mild bleach-free and lanolin-free dish-washing detergent, white vinegar, isopropyl rubbing alcohol and hydrogen peroxide.  A word of warning, the cleaning solution you use will depend on the type of stain you’re handling.  You can’t use just any old solution for any stain, so do your research before starting the treatment.

  • Bring in the Professionals

Get professional carpet cleaners to give your carpet a deep clean every 12 months.  The most effective method they use for cleaning carpets is steam cleaning.  The general process involves pre-treating the carpet, injecting the carpet with hot water and cleaning solution, and then using a powerful vacuum to extract the solution with the dirt, and lastly, drying the carpet.  Letting the experts do the deep clean ensures the job is done thoroughly and correctly in less the time and effort it would have taken you to do it.

These simple carpet cleaning tips and ideas can revitalize your carpet and prolong your carpet’s life.  This means greater chances of avoiding damage to your carpet and protecting your investment.  A clean carpet is also free of pests and allergens, which helps you care for your family’s health.