4 Reasons Why You Need to Organise Professional Carpet Cleaning

Professional carpet cleaning is a service that is done […]

How to Prepare for Your Carpet Cleaning Appointment

You have just made an appointment to have your carpet cleaned, but before the carpet cleaners arrive, there […]

4 Costly Carpet Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid to Save You Money

Cleaning your carpets gets all the grit out of the base of the fibre which when walked on acts like sand paper, slowly rubbing away, effecting its structural integrity

Removing Common Kids’ Stains

It’s amazing how many different things children can get on their clothes during the day. Harassed parents can’t rely […]

Something Stuck On Your Carpet?

These techniques should help you detach the sticky gunk from your carpet and eliminate stains. But for more stubborn stains, you will need professional skill to save your carpet

Choosing A Carpet When You Have Pets

To keep the carpet looking new and make it last longer, it’s important to also know and follow carpet care basics like vacuuming the carpet regularly and treating stains immediately.

Natural Ways to Clean Carpets

No worries, cleaning your carpets naturally can be easy with the right knowledge and products.

Easy Ways to Clean your Laundry Area and Washing Machine

Keep your laundry area clean with these easy steps and the improved room atmosphere might even induce you to like doing the laundry

Removing Crayon Stains From Walls, Clothes, Carpet and Upholstery

Has your little one started channelling his inner Picasso and making his own works of art? Unfortunately for you, his chosen canvas just happened to be your walls, carpet and couch, with some of the scribbles getting on to his clothes. Never fear, you can still get those colourful stains out

Caring for Valuable Oriental Rugs

Oriental rugs are hand-knotted and made by traditional carpet weavers from Asia

Solutions to Common Carpet Problems

Consistently look after your carpet and quickly deal with problems so that this particular investment can last your family a lifetime.

Choosing Your Upholstery Fabric  

Our needs also vary depending on our lifestyle. Furthermore, we want to get upholstery that matches the rest of our furniture and décor

A Look at the Different Mattress Types

Getting your mattress professionally cleaned, not just as necessary, but every 6 months, will also help to maintain its hygiene and comfort.

Learning About Carpet Mould

As you can see, mould is not just a blemish that ruins the beauty of your carpet, it can even shorten your carpet’s life span

Care For Your Curtains

If you want to be able to reuse your curtains for more years, you also need to care for them and clean them regularly.