Flowers, chocolates, greetings cards, these are all gifts spouses normally expect for Valentines’ Day.  But a cleaning service?

Before you shake your head in disbelief, let us give you the top three reasons to reconsider a cleaning service as a romantic gift:

cleaning servicesDivision of Chores

Statistics show household chores are one of the top causes of arguments between spouses.  In one study, researchers discovered that wives were dissatisfied with their marriage when they felt that there was an unequal division of household chores.  It seems that men and women have different expectations about who should do which.  Have you been putting off cleaning your mattress, rugs and upholstery?  Hiring a cleaning service can safely resolve this problem for you, especially for chores that neither of you likes to do.


The to-do list for a clean house is never ending.  Plus, it’s not something you only do once your whole life.  You need to constantly see to them to maintain the health and beauty of your home.  However considering that you have to regularly vacuum the house, do the laundry, wash the dishes, take out the trash, and clean the bathroom, to name a few, completing all these chores takes a greater part of your time.  If the bathroom floor tiles are already discoloured, why not hire a cleaning service to make your bathroom sparkling clean?  Getting a cleaning service will free up both of your schedules and allow you to do more things together.


The sweat and elbow grease needed to clean your house can be tiring and tiresome.  Dealing with accidental spills and particularly tricky stains can be especially stressful.  Who can honestly be in the mood for romance if you’re always stressed?  A cleaning service takes the weight off your wife’s shoulders so she can focus on relaxing and unwinding with you.  Worried about that red wine carpet stain from your dinner at home?  Give it the first aid treatment and resolve to get professional carpet cleaners first thing in the morning.

With these benefits from getting a cleaning service, you and your spouse might even wish to regularly get professional cleaning services for heavy chores.  Fortunately, some cleaning companies can also offer packages that are friendly on the pocket.  If paying for cleaning will help improve your relationship, it will certainly be worth the cost.

Image by Ginny on Flickr