Did you know that the carpet adorning your floor does not just beautify your home?  It can also either improve or contaminate the healthy environment inside your house.

Take a look at the following facts and see how much you know and didn’t know about carpets:

  1. Bacteria can survive up to four weeks on a carpet.
  1. Bed bugs can settle in carpets. They’re very fast and they would travel more than 100 feet to feed, often on sleeping humans.
  1. Approximately 1.5 million skin flakes an hour is being shed by humans on average.
  1. The easiest way to keep a carpet clean is to vacuum it regularly.
  1. CarpetsSome commercial cleaning solutions contain naphthalene, which can cause headaches and nausea in humans and is toxic to children and pets.
  1. Your vacuum cleaner should be emptied outdoors after cleaning the carpet. A leaking vacuum cleaner is one of the items that has the most number of bacteria in a house.
  1. The dry, warm carpet is an ideal environment for adult fleas. Flea eggs and larvae thrive in damp carpets.
  1. Some people develop allergic reactions, asthma and respiratory problems from indoor mould on wet carpets.
  1. When cleaned properly, carpets act as indoor air filters for your home. They trap pollutants and allergens from your air, improving your indoor air quality.
  1. New carpets need to be cleaned. The manufacturing process causes the carpet to emit a chemical smell which lasts for weeks and results in allergies, headaches and respiratory problems for owners.
  1. Different carpet stains need different cleaning methods and cleaning solutions.
  1. Experts recommend deep cleaning or professionally cleaning carpets every 12 months.

Lastly, a fun fact about carpets.  The patterns and designs of Persian and Oriental carpets and rugs are also works of art, meant to either give a message or symbolize where the carpet or rug came from.  You can actually learn something about their culture by interpreting their carpet.